Since March 2018

Founder: Young Innovation Leaders Fellowship

Lagos, Nigeria

Founding and leading this platform since 2018 has given me an opportunity to create an amazing tribe of young leaders who can inspire, initiate, manage and lead innovation in their spheres of influence. Through the YIL Fellowship, I’ve led teams to create more than a dozen startup initiatives. I have also coached young talents who have become leaders of ecosystems. Read more here.

CEO Hutzpa Innovations

Since October 2017

CEO: Hutzpa Innovations

Lagos, Nigeria

I set up this innovation consulting firm to enable organizational leaders in Nigeria to optimize buildup potentials. My colleagues and I help companies to unlock possibilities and navigate peculiar complexities to thrive in Africa. We set up innovation units for organizations, provide them recommendations on how to improve their innovation capabilities, and implement a customized innovation system for sustainable growth and profit.

August 2016 – June 2017

George Washington University

Washington DC, USA

I cherish the two semesters I spent at GWU taking courses from the Schools of Business and Public Health. During this time too, I participated in the GWU New Venture Competition as a co-founder of DiaBuddy — a mobile and web-based technology application, designed to manage and prevent diabetes. It provides social support that enables persistent change in habits for diabetics and their loved ones. You can learn more about Diabuddy here.

August 2015 – August 2016

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv, Israel

Obtaining an MBA in Venture, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship from the innovation hotspot of the world is something I feel proud about. While in the Sofaer Global MBA program, I had an incredible time studying with a variety of professionals from 17 other countries. And being the only African in my class, I seized the opportunity to learn from others’ perspectives and re-evaluate my own beliefs. At the same time, I used it as a unique platform to offer my own unusual perspective about the people, the systems and the opportunities in Africa which I believe will be their future markets.

September 2014 – September 2015

Hebrew University

Jerusalem, Israel

It was a phenomenal exposure to academics, to culture, and to the world. Living and studying in Jerusalem can only be a memorable experience. An experience of a lifetime. As a Pears Scholar, I had the beautiful privilege of studying public health from the best school in the middle east, touring all of Israel, and celebrating the Jewish holidays with Israelis and colleagues from all over the world.

January 2014 – September 2014

Federal Medical Centre

Keffi, Nigeria

A tertiary health institution, one of the few in north-central Nigeria. In this hospital, I had a brief experience in clinical practice, as a resident doctor in paediatrics. My primary roles in the residency program which included running infectious diseases clinics, managing and following up on patients were done in teams. The training also involved presentations on topical issues of pediatric relevance in diverse academic and clinic fora. I supervised the house officers and medical students doing their paediatrics postings.

June 2012 – June 2013

National Youth Service Corps

Keffi, Nigeria

Twelve months in Keffi, Nasarawa State was a journey of self-discovery and of service. I eventually received a the State merit award for the personal development projects which I executed. You can see the video of the projects here. During these months, I designed and executed the following projects:

Initiated a borehole water project through advocacy and health promotion campaign resulting in a fund-raise of $6000 for a new potable water source for a rural population which was drinking from a reptile-infested pond.

Designed and implemented an intensive training program for all community health workers in Keffi Local Government Area of Nasarawa State Nigeria on the management of common tropical pediatric diseases.

Led a health promotion campaign among women of child-bearing age in a rural community on how to prevent childhood killer diseases.

Initiated and implemented a peer education program among inmates of the Nigerian Prisons in Keffi. This training, which also involved the staff of the prisons, educated participants on how to prevent HIV and other blood-borne / sexually transmitted infections through appropriate social behaviors.

July 2012 – June 2013

SAPETRO Medical Centre

Keffi, Nigeria

This was my place of primary assignment during my national youth service. Here, I ran the general outpatient clinics alongside the HIV counseling and testing center which I initiated in order to increase the awareness and number of people who have knowledge of their HIV status. This has led to more than 200% increase in the clients who come for HIV counseling and testing in one year.

September 2012 – December 2013

Jama’a Medical Centre

Keffi, Nigeria

I oversaw the activities of the different units (medical, pharmacy, records, and laboratory) of the CDC-funded “AIDS Care and Treatment in Nigeria Plus-Up” program at the center. I innovated a client tracking system in order to avoid loss in follow-up resulting in 90% efficiency in tracking of clients which are majorly PLWHIV. The efficiency of this system also led to more than 20% increase in the revenue of the organization.

Obichi's last day as a medical Dr at FMC Owerri

April 2011 – April 2012

Federal Medical Centre

Owerri, Nigeria

As an house officer (intern) and young medical graduate, I ensured that all necessary procedures, investigations, and medications were received as at when due. My every day job involved making presentations on select topics relevant to the clinical posting at the time and on the ailments of my patients to my seniors and colleagues. I followed up on my patients to ensure their adequate recovery and worked as the middle person between the specialists and the patients/ their relatives. During this time, I did a special posting in the HIV unit where I consulted in HIV clinics and in the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) clinics treating opportunistic infections. I ran HIV counseling and testing units as well as the post exposure prophylaxis clinics.

January 2003 – June 2010

Abia State University

Uturu, Nigeria

I got my MBBS in this beautiful school popularly known for its scenery and hilly landscape. I didn’t just study medicine here, it was also an exploratory journey for me discovering my talents in poetry and leadership. It was here that I co-founded my first business: French Investors. French Investors was an educational outfit which taught persons in the university community how to speak french while having fun investing in the Nigerian Stock Market. I was also the Editor-in-Chief of the 5th volume of ABSUMSAJ – a peer-reviewed journal of the Abia State University Medical Students Association. I was the founder and president of All Nigeria United Nations Students and Youths Association, ABSUTH Chapter — a model United Nations society. On this platform, I got involved with celebration of UN days though campaigns, workshops, and outreaches. It was also my foray into the civic society space.